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Easy Steps to Maintain Wrought Iron Gates

3 Basic Steps on How to Maintain their Quality

Wrought iron gates are a much better choice for your driveway gates compared to wooden gates. A lot of people would opt for wooden gates because they’re cheaper. What these people fail to understand is that they can save more with wrought iron gates in the long run.

The reason is that that wrought iron gates take less effort in maintaining compared to wooden gates. Aside from that, wrought iron is durable and long-lasting. In the long run, you’ll find that you can save more with wrought iron gates and you’ll agree that the initial expense is worth it.

It’s quality that you should prioritize first before the price tag so that you’ll get utmost satisfaction with the product.

In this article, I want to give emphasis on how to maintain wrought iron gates. As you read through this, it is my hope that you’ll see how easy it really is and be encouraged to choose this type of gates for your home.

1. Wrought iron driveway gates need regular cleaning. A lot of people perceive that their gates are clean because it has been exposed to rain regularly. This is a misconception. Rain contains elements that can damage iron. Besides that, your gates are exposed to dirt, bugs, bird dropping, and other things that are naturally occurring hazards to iron. There is a need to clean your iron gates from exposure to these harmful elements.

To clean your gates, you’ll need a soft brush and a pail that contains a mixture of water and a gentle soap. Brush through the entire gate and rinse with water. Then, dry the gates by hand using a clean rag. Hand drying is better than air or sun drying because it prevents any material in the water from leaving a chalky residue on the gate.

2. Rust hastens the disintegration of iron. To enhance the longevity of your wrought iron gates, protect it from developing rust. Primarily, you can prevent rust from developing by having your gates coated with a rust-proof finish or a rust-inhibiting primer.

If you find that your gate has developed rust already, You must clean with sand paper immediately. There is a need for immediate intervention because the longer the rust is one, the bigger it gets and the harder it is to remove. It’s important to remember that you only sand the rust itself as to not scratch the other parts of the gate. Afterwards, coat that specific area with a rust-inhibiting product to prevent recurrence.

3. If you find that the paint on your iron driveway gates is peeling off or flaking, you can simply repaint them to restore their beauty. Also, even if the paint seems fine but you've noticed that there's just too much rust development, you can repaint the gates to stop the rust from spreading.

Before repainting, you need to make sure that the surface is smooth. To do this, sand down the gates and remove all loose paint as well as rust. You may use sand paper for this but it would be more efficient to use a sturdy wire brush. After this, take note that you should apply a rust inhibitor on rust spots and then paint the iron with a rust-inhibiting metal primer.

When ready to start painting, keep in mind that it's necessary to get two or three coats. Also, remember to allow each coat to dry in between applications. Then finally, a final coat of paint will be your cherry on top.

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